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Jennifer Murdley's Toad
Gary A.Lierd talking and thoppincott
jennifer gets a toad for her b-day from her best friend moning she wake up and herd talking and thoht it was her parons.she walk over to the toad spot twas in her have to read it to find out why the toad was talking.i think you shudle read this is it is a funny,clive haning book.
NRM 10-1
Spring Break
Johanna Hurwite
spring break is about girl how breaks her leg from a dare.her name is cricket and lucas dare her her to walk eith her eyes closed like she was blind and she falls and breaks her leg and she can't get up and she was spote to wasington with her friend for spring break and now her friend were fighting be cous her best friend infit a nother you have to read this book to see if they become friends and see if cricket has a fun spring break.i think you shudle read this book becus it is a book with stiff happing all the time and dus not stop.
NRM 10-1
For Girls Only
Laura Dower
this book is about this girl like to and like wen you are bord you can look up somthing to in the book and find somthing to do.wen you are hungery but you one sonthing fun and hethy to eat you can look it up in the book it is a fun way and ejcason way to figer stoff out.and i think you shoudle read this book becous it can teach you so stoff you did not no how to do.why i like it is it shold me how to french brad.hope you like it to.
NRM 10-1
Amelia Earhart

Facts on paper.
NRM 10-31